The Shah Shocker

Dec 3, 2021

Have you watched The Housewife and the Shah Shocker on Hulu yet? Let’s discuss here in the comments.

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  1. Juniper jones

    Nothing new revealed but it was heartbreaking hearing the victims. Hulu should have waited for the juicy information that’s forthcoming for the trial.

  2. Natalie

    It was underwhelming in my opinion. They didn’t have enough info yet. Felt like we didn’t learn anything new. They should have waited to release it and took more time and dug deeper. Or waiting for the trial and included that. It’s too bad.

  3. Sandy

    Felt like they used victims from a similar or possibly associated scam, vs directly from Jen’s case. Did I get that wrong? If so, it feels a bit misleading. But they seem to have quite a case against her.

    Most importantly, why $25,000 Dana Pam again, with no mention she was also indicted and pleaded guilty to her own fraud …


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