Everyone is wondering….

Dec 3, 2021

Everyone has always been so impressed. But a couple thousand boob and nose jobs won’t make that happen. That’s old money, Baby. Allegedly.


  1. Rosie

    Terry dubrow. He has family money. Kelly also blabbed in housewives book

  2. MainEmamA

    This is why I think the Dubrow’s are one of the most respectful housewives couples. They clearly don’t live beyond their means, they’re fairly humble for who they are, and Terry genuinely seems like a nice guy.

    • Chris

      I agree with most of this but not necessarily humble. Humble people don’t feel the need to buy 22000 square foot homes no matter how wealthy they are. But I do enjoy watching them on tv

  3. Wilson

    Both Heather and Terry have said many times it’s not old money. I’ve listened To her podcast for years and this has been discussed many times. Sounds like she was raised with money, not wealth, but money. But Terry wasn’t. His brother was a rockstar but lost his money (and life) through drugs. They’ve written books, many TV shoes, side businesses and apparently a good financial planner. And he’s been a plastic surgeon in CA for 30+ years (in the old days, Dr’s could amass quite a bit of cash). They’ve been living this was for a long time, I think it’s totally within their means. Also, why does it matter?

    • GG

      Heather has also implied that her father didn’t leave her mother much and that they support both of their moms- definitely not family money.

    • Amanda

      Yes. Especially when they start building and sell and use the profit to build again. And then invest in things on top of all of their jobs, shows and hustling. They’ve obviously built this. They were smart with their money instead of wasting it away on drugs and crazy stuff like most people on these shows.

  4. Alexis Armistead

    I mean the design of that house screams new money…it’s so tacky!


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