Meet the mess

Dec 1, 2021

This former beauty Queen has a chaotic life. Kids are (mostly) estranged, she openly shades her ex and his new love and her boyfriend is on one day off the next. Her ex husband, as much as she loves to hate on him, has helped a lot over the years. Especially with rehab stints. None have worked. Allegedly.


  1. None

    Shanna Mokler

  2. Julie McCarthy

    Shanna Moakler

  3. Winelovinmama87

    Shanna but I had no idea about the rehab ?

  4. Realhousewifeofannapolis

    There is a reason those kids haven’t lived with her and do not talk to her for the most part. I wholeheartedly believe the rehab part.

  5. KJ

    That makes sense. I recently rewatched Meet the Barkers and she is always in bed hungover!


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