Is he going to cancel her too?

Nov 24, 2021

A list singer and is wife are hanging on by a thread. He knows it’ll be bad for his image to leave her when the world has canceled her but he wants to…. Allegedly.


  1. S

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

  2. Winelovingmom87

    Stooopppp it!!!! So Icky Chrissy and JL!!

  3. Aimé

    John legend and Chrissy T

  4. c

    I hope he leaves her fake ass.

  5. Dee

    She’s just the worst.

  6. Housewifeaholic

    This is so redeeming, never understood why such a standup human would tolerate her. She is so toxic.
    Ps was so disappointed that Andy had her on WWHL and was such a fan. Do better, AC.

    • KW

      I totally agree with this. I assume nbc was forced to get her on stuff bc of him on the voice.

  7. MM

    Last night at Andy’s STL book show (his hometown) he was asked what actress he’d most like to see on RHOBH and he answered without hesitation, CT.

  8. Guesticle

    That would be amazing- for JL, their kids, and the whole world. I REALLY want to love JL, but all I can think is that he has been sitting on the couch with her laughing uproariously at the horrifying things she tweets to children. Ugh.


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