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Nov 23, 2021

All allegedly of course.

screen capture of image left on an article about Mary Cosby from RHOSLCscreen capture (2 of 3)of image left on an article about Mary Cosby from RHOSLCscreen capture 3 of 3 of image left on an article about Mary Cosby from RHOSLC

Text from image above:
This is a comment left on an article from an apparent member of the congregation:
Most of my entire family was born into Faith Temple. What this article and I am sure that Bravo will forget to mention is that Mary had a husband before she married the bishop (1 year after her grandma died) His name is Dana Harris. When Mary’s grandma “Mama” died in 1997, Bishop would be preaching and telling all the women in the church that they better leave him alone and not try getting with him. That God already sent Mary Martha to comfort him in his time of mourning. Mary Martha was spending so much time at his house right after that rumors started spreading quick. He would be preaching this from the pulpit, telling the church to quit gossiping and that she was “strictly comforting him.” He would go on and say, “Her husband doesn’t mind! Why do any of you?”. He then shortly thereafter called Dana out in front of the entire church telling the congregation that he was allowing Mary Martha to divorce Dana cause Dana was forcing Mary Martha to perform unclean sex acts on him.(AKA oral sex.) Then he immediately kicked Dana out of the church. Shortly thereafter the Bishop called a family meeting with all of Mamas children including Mary Martha’s mom Rozzie Cazares. He told all of the family that he needed them to pray on something that God was telling him and he wanted them all to pray to God and ask him for an answer Yes or No, without telling them what it was. Of course they all said, Yes, Bishop, God said yes. All of them except for Mary Martha’s mom Rozzie. She said no. Then with the approval of most of his late wifes children, he told them all that God was telling him and Mary Martha to get married. Hence, that is how Mary Martha married her step Grand Daddie 1 year after her grandma died and became the first lady AND co pastor of Faith Temple Pentecostal Churches. Her Mom Rozzie, who was the choir director at the time, (a job that Mary Martha would take over after she left) was not having the marriage of her daughter to her own step dad so her and her husband Mark Cazares tried to take over the church and kick the Bishop out. That failed so they left the church and took over half of the congregation with her and started a new church called “Mamas Faith Temple. It is also in Salt Lake City. (Now she teaches that she is God, too… More on that next.) What Bravo will almost surely forget to mention as well is that Mary Martha and the Bishop actively brainwash their congregation into believing that they are God on earth. That God came down and has taken over their bodies and that they are literally the saviors of the earth (alongside Jesus.) They call it the Revelation. Before Mama died it only pertained to her but after she died, Mary and Bishop have taught that it is on them now. They have the church members running around yelling back and forth to each other “Mary ISSSSSS God” and rolling ing crazy over that nut job. Before Mary took over the church, the revelation was “Mama ISSSSS God”, but now it’s “Mary ISSSSSS God. And the ONLY way to be saved in that cult is to get that revelation and profess it at every chance you get. In secret and to obody wants the secret getting out to say… the creators of The Real Housewives, franchise. Let that sink in….. THEY PREACH THAT SHE IS GOD. THEY ARE CULT LEADERS AND SHE IS THE HEAD HONCHO OF THE WHOLE DAMN OPERATION. Mary and Bishop justify it by saying that you’re not worshiping her, you’re worshiping the God inside of her. That they have let God take up his abode in them to the extent where they don’t exist anymore and it’s all God. People literally bow down and flail at her feet in church and worship them. If by chance you don’t and are the odd man out you are immediately targeted and called out by her in front of everyone and the entire church will turn their back on you. You are told that you are an unbeliever and aren’t “saved”. You become an outcast. There is an internet broadcast of the churches sermons that you can find on Tunein under “The voice of gods ministries.” It plays at 10am mountain time and now 10pm as well. Up until Bravo really started getting going with Mary’s cast membership they would play clips of Mary claiming she has the “keys to the kingdom” and preaching to the effect that she was God incarnate. They would also edit clips of the old Pastor Mama preaching and Mary
preaching intermittently so that Mama would be preaching half a sentence and they would cut to Mary finishing it. Half the time you would get confused if you were listening to Mama or her for short bursts. This is a classic manipulation technique to back up their claim that the Revelation has been passed on to Mary and she is now the word of God. I’ve noticed that over the last few months they have put a halt to that and are strictly playing Mamas sermons and twice a day at that. Likely because they don’t want the world knowing the secret teachings of the church. Also because church members aren’t being barraged, beat up, belittled and brainwashed in person every Sunday anymore with COVID, so they are picking at straws trying to hold onto the last “stick with it till the end” members and their paychecks. Gotta keep that money coming in! Mary and Bishop demand that all of the church (CULT) members have their cell phones on them 24/7 to be at their beck and call and if they do not answer when they call, they are silenced and ridiculed and humiliated in church. Members are not allowed to date or marry without the explicit approval of Mary and the Bishop. Then they decide who they can date or marry! They are forbidden from talking to their family members that have left the church. They are not allowed to have internet access, go to the movies, etc. Basically any and all activities they do besides work have to do with church. Also, all members are required to confess any “sins” that they believe they commit to Mary and Bishop and suffer the consequences of their judgment. They control every aspect of their flocks lives. Mind control to the extreme! Let me also say this… Mary looks NOTHING like she did just a few short years ago. Her and bishop disappeared from the church for almost 3 years. All the time while they were gone, Bishop was calling into the church during church meetings, saying she was in New York in the hospital on her death bed with the same kind of huge boils that afflicted her grandmother and that they needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform the life saving surgeries she had so she wouldn’t die. Finally, after those 3 years of further draining their congregation on their money, Mary showed up at the church with half the nose she had before, twice the cheeks, brand new eye lids, half the skin, a completely different rack of teeth, looking 100 shades lighter and had blonde hair. All the while she forbids her female followers from having blonde hair cause she says that it’s a sin to try and look white. She claims that she had no work done and that she’s been illuminated by God. Yes, Mary and the Bishop have 2 churches and a number of other businesses but it has nothing to do with personal success and everything to do with the funneling of tithe money plus lies, deception, brain washing and psychological terror. Most of their members are on food stamps because Mary and bishop demand nearly half of their income and they say that it is called “A Love Offering”. She travels the world in Versace and Chanel while making fun of her members in front of the congregation for wearing clothing from Ross… What a mind fuck when you are too poor to buy anything because your pastor has you on some whack belief that she is God on earth, forces you to give her most of the money that you make and then makes fun of you for coming to church dressed in the best thing that you can afford and says you have a jealous demon against her in your heart. <— Actually happened, btw!Some will say that Faith Temple has always been a cult, some will say it became one after Mary Martha’s grandma, Mama died and Bishop and Mary took over. I guess that is up for debate. There is one thing that is for sure now though and that is that Faith Temple as it stands today is absolutely, 100% a cult and Mary Martha Cosby is the ring leader that terrorizes it’s members with the threat of eternal damnation if they so much as look at her in a way she sees unpleasant. Her and the bishop are single handedly responsible for ruining countless lives and tearing families apart with their ministry of evil and I personally hope that the world sees her for what she is when this airs. That she is exposed for the fraud that she is and that everyone gets privy to the fact that she is a deceitful, homophobic, bigot, criminal that brainwashes her congregation into believing that she is God on earth. Ask any past member. They’ll all back this up with mirroring
experiences. The reason why so many people have not spoken out yet is because they are God fearing, genuinely good people who’s lives could literally be turned upside down by her and him if they do. People are afraid of losing their church friends and loved ones. I was for the longest time too and will probably do so for this… But not anymore.. If she is going to be as bold as she is thinking she can put on a fake facade to the whole world about who she is, I and I know thousands of other ex members are here to stand up to that B.S. Oh and one final thing. She wasn’t forced into marrying anybody. I would be surprised if her and Bishop weren’t screwing before Mama died. I can’t prove it but I would definitely be surprised and you can be damn sure that her grandmother is gonna whoop her naughty little butt before she burns in hell for all the lives she’s ruined and wicked acts she’s committed.
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  1. Elyce Stibrany

    That tea is hooooot!!! Thank you for spilling!

  2. Crystal

    Wow, this gave me chills

  3. Zaida

    That was……a lot. Sheesh, what a circus.

  4. Nancy Gonzalez

    Wow. That was… a lot.

  5. Enki

    Good thing there’s a long weekend coming….that’s a lot to unpack!

  6. br_leavitt

    I have no trouble believing all of that. I just hope that the narcissism that brought her on the show and into such a huge spotlight will be her downfall because she is absolutely vile.

  7. Salisha APONTE

    Dam, not the first time I’ve heard some of this btw. I wish she would be exposed.

  8. Jelena Srdic


  9. Amanda S.

    Sooooo.. Remember when Mary was NON-STOP crucifying Whitney for not answering her phone calls? WELL, I found this little part to be extremely telling ?..

    “Mary and Bishop demand that all members have their cellphones on them 24/7 to be at their beck and call and if they do not answer when they call, they are SILENCED and RIDICULED and humiliated in church.”

    I know Whit isn’t part of Mary’s church but she has attended mass there and was her friend. Considering the silencing and ridicule she received at the cooking lunch, I can only imagine what she would’ve received had she been a member of Mary’s church.

    Food for thought. (Or I’m just insane ??‍♀️)

    • Heather

      100% think this too! Such a great observation!

      • Jools

        It’s probably why she doesn’t have friends because fuck that

    • Housewifeaholic

      100%! Mary isn’t used to/doesn’t accept not having everyone jump when she says and this absolutely shows in her behaviors. I hope more truths can come out, especially with the passing of Cameron since he was brave enough to speak up.

  10. L


  11. Glorified Gossip Girl

    I’ve been waiting for people to finally see this for what it is. She’s a terrible human being. All her “business” websites look like they were made by a 13 year old in 2003 and most addresses are the church address. Theres also the rumor she and her are grand daddy murdered her to gain control. They said it’s in the will to marry Mary then they sad it’s not. It’s a web of lies that will be become untangled and hope that she goes down harder than anyone.

  12. BravoObsessed

    I am surprised is has taken so long for us to hear about this. I have always felt that her comments are some of the worst I have heard from ANY housewife.

    • Bravo addict

      This exact same story went around last year when people started to dive into Mary.

  13. Page Tenfour

    No different than the Mormon church…if anything this is milder than what goes on with the Mormons. Hold your horses, Mary will have her day…..and so will Meredith! There are a lot of bones in Meredith’s closet I’m sure.

  14. Erica

    The way it says if they don’t answer their phone calls they get bullied and whatnot. That’s exactly what she’s doing to Whitney right now for not answering her phone call….

    • Emily S.

      Wow… good catch.

    • Melanie

      That’s exactly what I came to comment!!! When I read that part I was like, “omg that’s exactly what she did to Whitney!”

  15. Bravo watcher

    I found it odd last season when her cousin was working as her housekeeper and she referred to her oddly, like my mother’s sister’s daughter, rather than saying “my cousin” (her reference was something to that affect. Cannot recall exactly). I was like her cousin is working for her and she’s ordering her around like the help. It was so odd she would treat family like that.

  16. L

    She is super shady. This is the first season I’m watching, and I called that the first episode. She will be the next to be caught up in legal drama. She is TV gold though because she is so nuts to watch. She actually frightens me though, even through just the TV.

  17. AP

    That explains why she was so insulted by Whitney not answering her call and tried to humiliate her.

    • Lola



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