Mary’s Church….

All allegedly of course.


  1. Elyce Stibrany

    That tea is hooooot!!! Thank you for spilling!

  2. Crystal

    Wow, this gave me chills

  3. Zaida

    That was……a lot. Sheesh, what a circus.

  4. Nancy Gonzalez

    Wow. That was… a lot.

  5. Enki

    Good thing there’s a long weekend coming….that’s a lot to unpack!

  6. br_leavitt

    I have no trouble believing all of that. I just hope that the narcissism that brought her on the show and into such a huge spotlight will be her downfall because she is absolutely vile.

  7. Salisha APONTE

    Dam, not the first time I’ve heard some of this btw. I wish she would be exposed.

  8. Jelena Srdic


  9. Amanda S.

    Sooooo.. Remember when Mary was NON-STOP crucifying Whitney for not answering her phone calls? WELL, I found this little part to be extremely telling 👀..

    “Mary and Bishop demand that all members have their cellphones on them 24/7 to be at their beck and call and if they do not answer when they call, they are SILENCED and RIDICULED and humiliated in church.”

    I know Whit isn’t part of Mary’s church but she has attended mass there and was her friend. Considering the silencing and ridicule she received at the cooking lunch, I can only imagine what she would’ve received had she been a member of Mary’s church.

    Food for thought. (Or I’m just insane 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    • Heather

      100% think this too! Such a great observation!

      • Jools

        It’s probably why she doesn’t have friends because fuck that

    • Housewifeaholic

      100%! Mary isn’t used to/doesn’t accept not having everyone jump when she says and this absolutely shows in her behaviors. I hope more truths can come out, especially with the passing of Cameron since he was brave enough to speak up.

  10. L


  11. Glorified Gossip Girl

    I’ve been waiting for people to finally see this for what it is. She’s a terrible human being. All her “business” websites look like they were made by a 13 year old in 2003 and most addresses are the church address. Theres also the rumor she and her are grand daddy murdered her to gain control. They said it’s in the will to marry Mary then they sad it’s not. It’s a web of lies that will be become untangled and hope that she goes down harder than anyone.

  12. BravoObsessed

    I am surprised is has taken so long for us to hear about this. I have always felt that her comments are some of the worst I have heard from ANY housewife.

    • Bravo addict

      This exact same story went around last year when people started to dive into Mary.

  13. Page Tenfour

    No different than the Mormon church…if anything this is milder than what goes on with the Mormons. Hold your horses, Mary will have her day…..and so will Meredith! There are a lot of bones in Meredith’s closet I’m sure.

  14. Erica

    The way it says if they don’t answer their phone calls they get bullied and whatnot. That’s exactly what she’s doing to Whitney right now for not answering her phone call….

    • Emily S.

      Wow… good catch.

    • Melanie

      That’s exactly what I came to comment!!! When I read that part I was like, “omg that’s exactly what she did to Whitney!”

  15. Bravo watcher

    I found it odd last season when her cousin was working as her housekeeper and she referred to her oddly, like my mother’s sister’s daughter, rather than saying “my cousin” (her reference was something to that affect. Cannot recall exactly). I was like her cousin is working for her and she’s ordering her around like the help. It was so odd she would treat family like that.

  16. L

    She is super shady. This is the first season I’m watching, and I called that the first episode. She will be the next to be caught up in legal drama. She is TV gold though because she is so nuts to watch. She actually frightens me though, even through just the TV.

  17. AP

    That explains why she was so insulted by Whitney not answering her call and tried to humiliate her.

    • Lola



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