Caroline, the new friend of (RHONJ) was at the Giants Game 2 weeks ago with her friend. I have been a member of the coaches club for about 10 years and I’ve NEVER seen them there, meaning they don’t own the tickets, they bought them off somebody for just the game. They were completely over dressed and looking like a fool and her friend was going around telling everybody that she was “on the real housewives of NJ”.

The worst part was at every half time the players walk into the locker room and the young kids, (usually around kindergarten to 5th grade age) love to stand and get high fives from the players as they walk in. As you can imagine, having this moment with professional athletes means the world to all of these kids. Caroline and her friend pushed through all the kids to get to the front and see the players. She pushed a 7 and a 5 year old. When one of the parents asked her to scooch over a little bit bc she completely knocked her kid out of the way her and her friend started Fighting and screaming. SO EMBARRASSING. Allegedly.

working on getting the video to post… it’s gross.