Housewife blacklisted by Louis Vuitton…

Nov 20, 2021

This is a Dallas HW. But no one guessed it because by the looks of it she could afford it on her own, never mind that her husband is wealthy in own right… right? Allegedly.


  1. AG


  2. Alissa Andersen

    Tiffany Moon??

  3. Matcha latte

    It’s Tiffany she posted it on her tik tok

    • ?

      Omg Tiffany admitted she was blacklisted?

  4. Kinslee Owens

    It’s Kam!! All the clues say not west coast or east coast and not salt lake. Another clue said she shows her closet and clothes/bags/shoes constantly. I think It’s Kameron over Tiffany. She shows off brands more than Tiffany does.

  5. Ashleeeeee

    Tiffany’s husbands family owns a chain of stores called Sam Moon Trading Co that sells bags & accessories. It’s well known in Dallas & Houston that they sell fakes out of the back room. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s banned from other high end brands because of it.

  6. Talia

    If this is about Tiffany, it’s not true. She cleared it up on her TikTok. People thought she was reselling a bunch of bags and someone told LV about it. But it was all a misunderstanding and it’s resolved now.


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