Big Breakup just announced…

Nov 18, 2021



  1. Stacey

    I’ve been hearing this rumors for years. Since hailey, that was one of the reasons they never worked out I reas. She was apparently his beard ?‍♀️

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      She definitely wasn’t his beard to her knowledge but it never got out of the friend zone and this could possibly be why. Hailey liked Shawn because he was very sweet and a nice respectful guy to her and they had fun. But mostly it was a welcome change to the chaos Justin had brought into her life. So he’s really the only other guy she spent time with but it was definitely friend zoned. I think from both ends. He later gave an interview saying he regretted not making a move and they were basically friends. She was always in love with JB. But I do think there could be truth to the gay rumors but if it’s this person‘s job to keep it a secret why would they include it here. You have to be careful with these trolls and fans.

  2. BAP

    I know a publicist and he always says if a couple lasts right around 2 years and is always papped/on the red carpet together it’s 10000% a contract, so I can believe that for sure

  3. Idk

    Shawn mendes?

  4. Jes

    Batsheva and Ben

  5. Guest

    Well your friend failed

    • Anon


  6. Brooke Schwab

    Def Batsheva and Ben

  7. A

    I thought Mendes was for sure gay but he and Camilla have spent time at my work and were very kissy and in love.

  8. Poppi

    How shitty for your friend to out him if this is true.


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