handwritten letterscreenshot of a letter “It’s unfortunate to live in a society that systemically enables capable, absentee 1 %ers while overtly stigmatizing single mothers who are putting in the sweat equity of raising great kids. This subject is foundational to many societal problems, and it needs to change. Carter is dealing with varying degrees of accountability associated with being Evie’s father. It’s antithetical to Evie’s well-being and wishes to state the apparent negatives about his absenteeism. Carter and I were friends and dated briefly. We had already moved on romantically when I discovered I was expecting Evie. While it is clearly in Evie’s best interests for Carter to walk by my side as a friend in parenting her, he ultimately made his choice, and I made mine. Carter, his new wife, and the Milliken Reum family will continue to have an open invitation should any of them decide to participate in Evie’s life. The more people proactively love Evie, the better. Nothing compensates for the lack of both parents. This applies to all children-It takes a village to raise great kids. As for Evie? She is a gift. She has my total dedication and ongoing support from her highly accomplished adult sisters, her uncles, her godparents, and a community of friends, neighbors, coaches and educators who empower her via their positive influence and active involvement in her life.” CBS News and 7 others ♡ Q V Liked by horsepower_98katie and others socalsorority My Official Statement (unedited), Evie’s Letter to her father, and now moving forward… Thank you @pagesix @hernandezmjae @billybush @extraty For amplifying Evie’s voice and conveying her wishes… you are officially part of her village. U #Empowering Evie View all 20 comments