Jlo & Ben prediction…

Nov 9, 2021

From Emili the psychic :

I stand corrected! Jlo & Ben will get engaged. I just still feel weird energy over whether it’s long term. They have some energy that could make them both look at each other one day & say this isn’t what I wanted & I made a mistake. They both want to be #1, but they share the same sun & moon which makes them really understand each other and feel good around each other. Their Leo suns want to feed each other & their Scorpio moons are intensely & emotionally involved.


  1. Toni

    ❤️ bennifer 2.0

  2. HBT

    I agree with Emily. I don’t think it’s going to work out they way they want it to. They’d be smart honestly to just keep going the way they are. A bit like a modern day Goldie and Kurt… no need to live together 24/7 when they need their space.

    • HBT

      Oops autocorrect – Emili

  3. Lola del Rio

    I’m here for hot people fucking! So let’s go Ben& Jo!!

  4. JJ

    Oh. My. Gawd. They BOTH have Leo Suns AND Scorpio moons? THE ODDS THE FREAKIN ODDS! They were always meant to be! That sparkly attention seeking Leo and moody sneaky shmexy Scorpio. My heart can’t take this!!!!!

  5. Kelly

    Leo ☀️ Scorpio ? here! Who knew?! ?‍♀️

  6. Lea

    Fake relationship

  7. Desi

    I had a friend that was friendly with Matt Damon’s family that said the main reason they didn’t work was that Ben’s family wasn’t super thrilled about her ethnicity and wanted him with someone with “a similar lifestyle” allegedly


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