Housewives switching teams

Oct 28, 2021

This former housewife (We’ll call her 1) leaned on one of her former cast mates (we’ll call her 2) when she was first let go. Often photographed out and about, 2 showed 1 great support when she was surprisingly let go from her long-standing role on the show. Recently 1 hosted a party at her beautiful home with other former housewives from their franchise. These women have openly lambasted 2 in the press both in the past and recently. The party turned into a bash of 2, the very successful and often resented by the cast former housewife, with 1 at the helm.  Allegedly.

black background with the word allegedly written on it in cursive and the @bravoandcocktails_ tag below it


  1. Amy

    Dorinda and Queen B

  2. @blckbravobrat

    My spidey senses are giving me RHONY vibes.

  3. Bravo to Bravo

    If not Dorinda and Bethany maybe Vicki and Tamra?


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