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        Who watched Traitors?! I just finished and need to hear everyone’s opinion.


        Kate is a queen (as she always will be)

        Quentin and Andie got slighted in a way that was really sad.. Justice for Quentin and Andie

        Arie is a gem and did the right thing

        Cirie played a flawless game but I lost respect for her at the end there

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        Melissa Davis

          I watched it and loved it!

          I agree with everything you said.

          Arie is a class act.

          I was sad that most of my favorites were some of the first to leave.

          Justin Anderson needs to be on the next one!  He would be so fun to watch!


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              I would have loved to see Kyle stay! He was playing the game so well! I can’t wait for season 2!


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              I JUST finished! I freaking love Kate…and she made it farther then I thought she would…and I think surprised everybody at the end! I feel terrible for Quentin and Andie too…but that’s what they signed up for as part of the game…which makes it a slightly crappy game ha. I didn’t watch the Bachelor but I love Arie now and man, what a guy he is! Cirie played a phenomenal game…what else was she supposed to do, not win? I think she should have split it with Arie…I didn’t like that part, but it’s not her fault she was a traitor and had to play Andie and Quentin.

              I wish Reza didn’t leave so soon…I feel like he would have been fun to watch, same with Ryan! I really liked Kyle so a lot and didn’t think I would be rooting for him so much!

              I feel like next season they should do either all “celebrities” or all “everyday people”…while I liked the mix of both, I feel like it almost gave an unfair advantage.

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                Just finished it also and loved it more than I thought I would! Didn’t like it enjoy late as much as I did and Brandi actually had everyone pegged from the beginning!

                I think that Cirie did Arie dirty and that really annoyed me. After assuring him that they had each other back she just screwed him over so badly. But Arie was a gem and handled it really well.

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