Fast forward!

Nov 16, 2023

Erika’s “celebrity “ therapist and I were both attending a very fancy BH toddler bday party and one of my toddlers (I have twins as does the therapist) decided to take ice from the drink bucket and throw it. I naturally told her to stop and explained that wasn’t ok. Well the therapist swooped in and told me not to speak to my daughter like that and proceeded to shame me in front of the party. I now fast forward every scene with her on RHOBH 🤣


  1. HBT

    Humble brag?

  2. Anna

    Ugh so self righteous and totally unethical as a mental health professional. I wouldn’t really have expected more from a “celebrity therapist” but still so gross. If she sees child abuse she has to report it as a mandated reporter. Beyond that, anything she witnesses a parent doing is none of her business. No one should be out here mom shaming especially in public and especially not a therapist!

  3. jaid

    She’s a quack who’s been on every reality show under the sun.

  4. The Kidz Are Alright

    Wait, is disciplining your children when they’re doing something naughty, not allowed now?? This “therapist” sounds like a living nightmare

  5. Carol

    So sick of all the mom shaming. Raises kids is hard enough.


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