Liar, liar…

Nov 13, 2023

From: Liar liar Pants on Fire

Subject: Fraud in TriBeCa

Spill It to
I have just watched the new New York housewives and I was surprised to see my former class mate on the cast. I was at school with her at Saint Pauls. Her story of ‘coming from nothing’ is utter tosh. She was snotty, privileged and wealthy growing up. A lot of what she is saying about her childhood is total nonsense. The other ladies were right about her being inauthentic.

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  1. Dena


  2. Amy

    I dislike Jessel. The way she talks and the way she treats her husband is annoying.

  3. K

    Jessel…I didn’t like her from the start…and then some reason the whole world loved her…couldn’t understand why…

  4. michelle

    St. Paul’s girls school in West London is 7,910£ a term for 1st-3rd grade. This gets up to 9,895£ for 4th to 8th grade. Most of the time, people who have ‘nothing’ don’t have over 70,000£ for primary schooling… no matter what Jessel says lol

  5. Why lie

    Jessel. Not surprised.

  6. Jacqueline

    Those who didn’t see this… simply didn’t want to. This is just scratching the surface cause once the Bravo fans start digging into your life.. forget it.
    I’m intuitive and felt she was dishonest and pretending immediately.. always interesting when fans gravitate towards people like that. Might take time but they always reveal themselves.

  7. Liv

    She never said she came from nothing – she spoke of struggling when she moved to live with her alcoholic uncle in a place where she didn’t grow up (which to most would be an obvious struggle).

  8. B

    Rolling my eyes since I thought she was full of it. From the start and both Erin and Sai were called bullies for questioning her story. Erin wasn’t even questioning she just said Jessel didn’t have the hardship Sai and Brin had. Between her moving to NYC to be on the show and then trying to create hardship upbringing. I am over this pretentious pushy fraud.

  9. Jersey Jules

    But I get the feeling Daddy Andy really likes her

  10. Anna

    I don’t understand this Jessel is a fraud shit. She clearly exaggerated a little but never tried to say she grew up poor or anything. By the end of the season she was very clearly that she grew up comfortable. Different from Sai or Brynn? Of course. But also clearly different from Erin who comes from craaaazy wealth. We get it, Jessel didn’t grow up poor and she moved back to New York prior to filming. She’s still genuine and an excellent housewife.

  11. M

    Her accent gave her away. It’s obviously posh.

  12. Sabina

    Your parents having money is one thing, you having money is another. What utterly upsets me is the prescription of one person to another.
    Erin and Sai spoke out of turn went they didn’t dare get to know Jessel. They made assumptions as the reunion proved it.
    As for her school, was she allows loans or a scholarship, or perhaps someone in her family gifted her the opportunity? Many kids attend outside their financial budget.

  13. Nitzalie

    DUH!! You can absolutely tell when she speaks that what she says is all half truths. That’s why the ladies picked up on it. Something about us NY girls…we have a great bullsh*t meter!

  14. Whocares

    Didn’t her struggle mean more about not having connections in fashion. She was an assistant and had to do the low level work. And her parents weren’t happy she chose a career they didn’t approve of. So they were not helping her after she was done with her education. She said her parents struggled when they immigrated to the UK. At least that’s how I understood it.


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