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Aug 3, 2023

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Subject: Atlanta 16

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Fans won’t like this but production and nbc is looking to
Completely change Atlanta. The show is not what it used to be in regards to opulence and wealth and executives have taken notice. Certain long running girls will be exiting and taking a demoting if even offered. Bravo is happy with Drew,Marlo and Sherees performance of the season and will
Be asked back. In a perfect world bravo wants porsha back more than anything and to bring in 4/5 new girls and refresh the show but keep familiar faces. Live ratings have been decent but for Atlanta steaming views are way down as well.

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  1. Justine

    They want opulence & wealth but are keeping the three women who have none of it hahahaha

  2. Angela

    Atlanta used to be my favorite of all the housewives but the last few seasons haven’t done it for me like it used to. I haven’t watched this new season at all hopefully changing things up will bring it back to what it was!!

  3. William

    I honestly don’t think this is true at all. Sheree brought absolutely nothing but a fake relationship & tired reads this season. Marlo has just been looking for a problem with anyone that will react. If they want opulence & wealth why keep these 3? They have neither of the 2. Definitely don’t mind a shakeup – But Kenya & Kandi are the anchors for RHOA. I don’t see BOTH going at the same time. RHONY ratings aren’t so hot right now, Bravo will be careful with future cast reboots

  4. Carrie

    That is all the way backwards. I would NOT watch.

  5. Rae

    Get rid of everyone and start from scratch.

  6. Diane

    Really dislike Marlo. That’s it – that’s the comment.

  7. Donna

    Keep Kenya, dump Kandi and Drew for starters. Bring back Porsha! And lose that yappy “friend of”, I don’t know her name but she’s terrible!

  8. Lauren

    It would be stupid to get rid or Kenya. Keep Kandi only because of all her ties and her family stuff is always great. But Porsha and Shamea should be added back and then newbies. A whole new show, they may as well do what they did to NY.

  9. The Real

    They better not fire Kenya or Kandi!

  10. C

    I would ditch Kenya, Marlo, Sheree, and Drew. Keep Sanya and Kandi. Maybe bring Porsha back (because she is single-handedly saving Ultimate Girls Trip – and I want to see her with Simon). I miss Tanya because she seemed like a lot of fun. And then let’s bring in some new ladies with lots of cash and a good attitude. At the end of the day, I want a lighter RHOA. Right now, we have some sour faces at every single event because these ladies clearly just don’t like each other.

  11. SK

    How in the world could they prefer She by Zaful over Kenya? I would have a long talk with Miss USA and tell her bring it with the divorce drama or face demotion but SHEREE???? I could see keeping MarLOW…but SHEREE? She gives nothing as per usual. IF they are really thinking of a reboot they need to go the RHONY route and bring in all new women there are thousands of women in ATL who would shine on Bravo. Rip the band aid off and start a new. Then do the legacy thing with the other women on the show.

  12. Rachel

    Is Porsha not a liability for the network? She has had violent behavior towards people on almost every season she’s been on, even her spin off show.


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