Cameras up!!!! *

Mar 30, 2023


Word is producers are getting ready to start filming VPR season 11 soon.

They were supposed to start in the summer but with Scandoval they don’t want to miss out on the drama for next season.

You can hope and wish the trash will be fired but that won’t bring the viewers…


  1. Veronicar

    Lala is the biggest trash on the show.

  2. Emily Carpenter

    The ONLY way I will watch if they’re on is if every episode is the rest of the cast dragging these 2 every freaking episode. And watching Ariana, Lala, Katie, Scheana and even James THRIVING in their lives while the others goes to shit (karma). And I stopped watching for years and don’t wish badly of anyone but want to see all of those people THRIVE while the others deal with consequences.

  3. Tiffany Boyd

    No girl that’s Rachel and Rachel alone.

  4. Lauren Espinoza

    I hope Ariana starts dating a bunch of guys with big di€ks and not just bde. And we all know Sandoval just has BDE. I want his soul crushed. Bring on the hot men for Ariana!

  5. Alina Blanco

    I’ll watch the scandoval fo down in flames!

  6. Brittany Benjamin

    I’m here for the cast not filming with them and just fast forwarding their scenes… honestly the more we see of t & r the more they’ll bury themselves so it’s fine


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