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Feb 22, 2023

From: Traitors Casting

Subject: traitors 2?

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Traitors season 1 was a very big hit and also shows the possibility of having different Bravolebrities come together for a show. For season 2 Production wanted housewives from their Real Housewives UGT 3 cast. Potomac representatives were asked but everybody declined, and Peacock is strict that they will only hire house wives who are affiliated prior. Larsa Pippen might be on. Everybody else who was approached from Miami also declined. Another name who might be on is Dr. Heavenly from Married to Med.
Heather Dubrow from Orange County Housewives was asked for Celebrity Big Brother from CBS 2023. Her assistant said that she joked that this must’ve gotten sent to her by mistake instead of Terry and that she wouldn’t do it, but after watching the traitors she liked the premise and would do that if she was offered. But production will only work with UGT alumna or the RHOMiami cast. In addition, Traitors season 2 films later this summer but Orange County housewives season 17 premieres late March and is expected to go on till August 2023 at the latest, so all RHOC won’t be on.

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  1. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    Summer House was airing when Kyle was filming this if I’m not mistaken. I do have to say. Gizelle said on the RS podcast that she would only do traitors If she’s guaranteed to be a traitor lol

  2. A

    Late March til August? Am I trippin or does that seem kinda long for a housewives show to air?

  3. Asia Powell

    Thats odd because Gizelle said on her podcast either last week or the week before that she asked her manager how she could get on Traitors. Maybe it interferes with filming for season 8

  4. No more RHO…’s

    I think they’ll ruin Traitors if it’s a cast of mostly Real Housewives. We see them enough. I liked how they had people from non-Bravo shows, like Survivor and Big Brother

  5. Meredithsvocalfry

    The way this is written makes no sense lol. So were only candiace and gizelle asked, or was everyone? What does “affiliated prior” mean – affiliated with UGT? If that’s the case why would larsa be approached ? And if they would only work with RHOM or RHOC why were Potomac approached in the first place? Lastly a 6 month long season for RHOC is just unimaginable lol

  6. KJ

    The UK Traitors was even better and had no reality stars. ??‍♀️

  7. Kayt

    I don’t understand the affiliated prior part. Yeah Brandi was on UGT, but Kate and Kyle weren’t on any Peacock exclusive shows, neither was Reza. I like the idea of mixing some other housewives into it along with big brother, survivor, maybe even top chef or well known people from other networks/related industries. News anchors, musicians, etc.

  8. K S

    Just finished UK one..way better to be honest


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