Shouldn’t it be fun?!

Feb 17, 2023

From: The Real traitors

Subject: Offff they’re so angry…

Spill It to
This couple who is on a PR tour. Well they were already salty with their former best friends. The recent success of their co stars new show is getting to her, I mean them. Not only are they getting dragged on social but he’s having this huge success and glow up. AND another successful show? After they relive this summer I mean season coupled with the success of the “nothing show no one would watch” should make for an explosive reunion.

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  1. Amy Strimling

    Carl and Lindsay aren’t getting the live they they’d get and Kyle and Amanda are living their best lives!

  2. Guessing

    Lindsey & Carl v Kyle (Traitors?)

  3. Dr. Devingly

    Mullet Boy Kyle

  4. Loverboy

    Is this about carl and Lindsay?

  5. Summer *is* fun

    Carl and Hubs hatin’ the Kyle’s Traitors success ?

  6. S

    Kyle? And the successful show is The Traitors?

  7. Carl and Linds

    I just don’t even understand why they came back. Carl is miserable and Lindsey is so desperate to get married and have kids she’s just sticking by him and showing no personality.

  8. A to the V

    It’s ok for people to grow apart! Carl Linds Kyle with the new show. Love them all!

  9. Lisa

    This is 100% about Lindsay and Carl. Kyle even said in a recent interview that she comes into summer with a plan and her plan this year was to make all the attention about her and Carl. I really think she’s jealous of Kyle’s continued success.

  10. None ya business

    I highly doubt they care about Kyle getting any attention. This is ridiculous lol

  11. Lo Espinoza

    I’m lost on who this is about!?!?

  12. Wanda

    I really enjoyed Kyle on the Traitors. Showed a very different side of him. Over Lindsay and Carl. He’s a lap dog and Lindsay drinking again is hard to watch. Cringe.

  13. LOLLL

    This is from a hater looking to bash them. Why would linds and Carl care about the traitors?! Lol I loved Kyle on it but I don’t think he’s getting THAT much attention from it.

  14. Flo

    I can’t tell who the jealous ones are Amanda and Kyle or Linds/karl

  15. Amanda

    Amanda is not happy with Kyle.

  16. AT

    This is so off. Even if Traitors is doing well, Kyle is not gaining that much fame from it. Kyle/Amanda are jealous of Lindsay/Carl and the amount of attention and support they’ve received from fans. Andy said they were the best couple.

  17. Bravo gal

    I really don’t get why there needs to be a bad guy here, they’re just growing apart. I don’t think Lindsay is negatively affecting Carl I think he’s thought about leaving the business for some time and naturally that created space with him and Kyle navigating a friendship on new things. Lindsay isn’t the bad guy for supporting him to do what he feels is best. Can’t they all just agree to disagree instead of one person being bad? I don’t like to see or hear it

  18. Lala

    Kyle=not fun

  19. summer should be fun

    i honestly already forgot kyle was on traitors. it was by no means a breakout moment for him at all.

  20. Luz

    Amanda nice try but honestly I forgot Kyle was on the traiters. He was gone so quickly. And now all he does is bash Lindsey. Maybe watch your business instead of what your ex employees is doing. Especially after viewing how unprofessional Kyle was on SH talking shit about him that was work related without Carl there to defend himself. How about the four of you just not come back next year?

  21. Lauren

    I mean it’s not like Traitors is a success because of Kyle being on it. The British version was a big success with no celebs on it so I can’t imagine anyone would really be that jealous of it.


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