She’s got a job?!

Apr 17, 2022


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From: On the streets Of NYC
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Girl with no job

Spill It to
Anon plz. I heard Claudia oshry (girl with no job) is in talks to join summer house for season 7. She is friendly with majority of the cast.

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  1. Woop

    Love her. She’s crazy and entertaining AF

  2. Gross

    Please tell me this is not true. Her mother is Pamela Geller. She has tried to bury this fact but it’s clear by her early tweets she spouts the same hate.

    • Itsabadtimebob

      Wow! I Had no idea! Gross family

  3. M

    Yuck. Riding those coattails! That’s all she is good for!

  4. Amanda

    So then she will be Girl With a Job? Lame.

  5. New SH fan

    Welp. Won’t watch if that’s the case.


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