Pot meet kettle?

Jan 24, 2023

From: southern hospitality
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Subject: Pot meet kettle!

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wow! Pretty amazing that Grace has the nerve to call out Mia for being a slut. Charleston IS a small town and the receipts on Grace are plentiful. She’s broken up several relationship and one engagement. Expect it all to come out now, her cast mates are heated, rightfully so!

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  1. Katie Beyer

    Grace Lilly is an awful little monster.

  2. Titsmcgee

    She made herself look sooooo bad lol and yes that doesn’t surprise me that’s she’s a homewrecker. You’re the one who’s not a girls girls Grace… projection much???

  3. It’s 2023 stop slut shaming

    I hated that so much. She admitted in the episode that she regretted acting like she was better than others and then immediately attacks Mia in the after show. It only made GL look bad and like a real mean girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if that outburst cost her a spot on next season. I felt so bad that Mia had to just sit there and take it while clearly holding back tears. Grace can not handle a spotlight and typically people who are “spiritually awaken” do not bully and slut shame. A real low 🙁

  4. Gucci

    I hate the girl shaming in this. Grace is not the only one to blame.

  5. Church lady

    Hi TJ !!!!

  6. Spiritual bullshit

    Grace is giving Chloe from siesta key vibes with the spiritual awakening yet verbally attacking her so called friends. Bully behavior.

  7. Heard wrong?

    I’m confused. While I don’t like Grace at all she didn’t call Mia a slut she was referring to Mia’s friend as she did on the show.

  8. Confused

    While I cannot stand Grace she did not call Mia a slut in that clip she was referring to Mis friend that they talked about on the show. Was there something else said about Mia?

  9. Carol

    She did call Mia a slut, watch the whole WWHL After Show.

  10. Kari

    Does anyone know if there will be a reunion filmed??


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