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Jan 23, 2023

From: ANON

Subject: CHEATER!

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There is a lot of chatter that this house fiance is a cheater. It’s not only all over Twitter, it’s also work around their small town. This is the part of reality tv that stinks, not sure how they’ve kept it under wraps this long..but I think time is up.

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  1. Annie

    Juan Dixon?! They need to raise the paychecks of those Potomac men. Every seasons drama stems from the men!!

  2. Macie

    It hasn’t gotten out because no one believes this and it’s really just Karen throwing a Hail Mary to stay on the show.

  3. Rae

    Juan! I have friends who live in the area and they’ve seen him acting very single.

  4. Truth hurts

    Karen’s spot on the show is not in jeopardy. However, Robyn’s could be…. Juan’s reaction was very telling. The only reason people react with such anger when being questioned is bc they’re guilty. Js.

  5. Kaitlin

    That’s not true no one wants to be accused of things they haven’t done. Accusations generate emotional responses. Honestly if he was guilt I’d think he’d try to be smooth and calm.

  6. Bravobravobravo

    Baltimore nor DC are small towns.

  7. Rachel

    They don’t call it Smalltimore for nothing…

  8. SK

    It’s so crazy how some GEB fans have shown selective outrage because rumors about Juan are being put out by a blogger. Although none of that same outrage was really there for Wendy over a blog talking about Eddie cheating and having an outside baby. Or about the ones Charisse brought to the group about Monique’s son (obviously off camera but she’s the one that told GEB’s) or Blue Eyes. Where is all the outrage about those?

  9. JudgeJulie

    Farrah’s fiancé is the cheater?

  10. Em

    I wonder if they do it just for the boys? If they can make a happy home with no fighting and healthy coparenting. Then more power too then, and if that is the case, I can understand why they don’t speak on it in the show.


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