Football & young girls…

Jan 22, 2023

We have a family friend in Colorado and T*** (the gy you asked for tea on after he was spotted w a young woman he played for the cowboys) and his wife lived in the same town and used to attend their church. Well…he had affairs with younger women (like just legal drinking age) and the wife finally got fed up and took him for $$$. Very well known to be a scumbag but nice to everyone to their face.


  1. The Bunny

    tony romo

  2. Kali

    Tony Romo is a piece of shit!! Blaming Jessica Simpson for his loss when he just wasn’t that great of a QB.

  3. Kali

    Tony Romo is a piece of shit. Blaming Jessica Simpson for his losses when he just wasn’t that great of a QB.

  4. The Bunny

    LOL meant to put a “?” at the end but now i’m thinking Troy Aikman

  5. Bb

    Troy Aikman you idiots ^

  6. Stephanie Shipp

    Troy Aikman lives in Dallas. I see him all the time.

  7. L

    I’m pretty sure Troy Aikman is still married too. Are both posts talking about the same person?

  8. Erin Madsen

    TROY! Not Tony!

  9. Troy Aikman

    She asked for scoop on him after a sighting on the beach with a young chick. Duh. I remember hearing before he’s a scumbag. So this tracks

  10. The Bunny

    kiss my ass Bb!

  11. Romolicious

    It’s Troy Aikman. Tony Romo is a national treasure!

  12. cryrenee3

    It’s Troy Aikman! Lord does anyone read anymore lol

  13. Leslie paladino

    Both Tony romo and Troy airman live in Texas. If I read this correctly, the cheater lives in Colorado?


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