Love is lies!

Nov 22, 2022

From: Anon Anon
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Subject: Love is lies!

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So this is bizarre. SK and Raven are together right now!! Just spotted at Cosco!!! Looking like all is well?! Maybe this is all PR? Maybe they made up?! So much for the legal proceedings?!

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  1. Steph

    The legal proceedings are against Hannah. Raven and SK are very much in this for the fame.

  2. Pix or it Didn’t Happen

    Idk I’m going to need hard proof

  3. Mh

    She just posted a story today saying she was at Costco!

  4. Lovemustbeblind

    It is true. I just saw picture of them together in line for check out. Def hi’ plus she posted on her IG story she was there. Very confiddd


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