The legal proceedings…

Nov 21, 2022

From a source:


The legal proceedings mentioned in their break up statement? The network is taking action against him misrepresenting that was he was single when he was not. It has to do with his contract with the show. He violated a clause.




  1. Nancy Gonzalez

    Fumbled the bag. Wow what an idiot. I was thinking he had a great head in his shoulders. Sure fooled me. The real victim here is his mother. She doesn’t deserve any of this.

  2. Mrs Clause

    Legal proceedings 😂 I find it hard to believe. Bachelor contestants have significant others outside of filming ALL the time. Funny that’s not in their contract. What about if he went into the show single and then cheated after? This is hilarious.

  3. Not Believable

    this doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think the network would waste their time/legal fees on something like this. if anything, they would put a spotlight on his deception for views

  4. Love is NOT Blind

    If Netflix wants to set this as an example to not mess with the integrity of the show then this makes a lot of sense.


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