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Nov 21, 2022

We’re so excited to announce that Cocktail Party, the new membership community from Bravo and Cocktails is here!

Each month, our members will get:

  • Ad-free podcast episodes
  • Early podcast access: You’ll get the podcast a day early!
  • Ad-free access to the regular blog
  • Exclusive content: Each week, you’ll get exclusive bonus mini-podcasts with tea you won’t get anywhere else – only our Cocktail Party members will see
  • Private Community: Hang out with us! Let’s talk tea (and talk sh!t) on our Community page where anyone in our community can post and we can all weigh in
  • Immediate access to all of the previous exclusive content
  • Behind the scenes content: Want to see what Amanda and B text about? Want to hear about what we wanted to post but couldn’t? We’ll mention it all.
  • Voting power: Vote on the topics we should take a deep dive into. Tell us what you really think about the latest episode of Housewives.
  • Monthly Zoom call with B and Amanda: Sit down, have a drink and join us for a monthly Zoom!

Membership is $7.50/month or $80/year ($10 savings if you buy an annual membership).

Join Cocktail Party now until 11/28 at 11:59pm as a Charter Member and get a discounted price that won’t change as long as you keep the membership.

Get a Charter Membership for $5/month with code: CHARTERMEMBER
Get a Charter Membership for $60/year with code: CHARTERMEMBERANNUAL
Charter Memberships are only available until Cyber Monday (11/28) at 11:59pm.




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