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Nov 16, 2022

From: Row Knee
Email: streets@nyc.com

Subject: Legacy

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Legacy is not bing commissioned like a normal season. 10 Episodes max, maybe a reunion if it rates. Format will be closer to a girls trip (but filmed in NYC and upstate). Once the main cast is locked, expect multiple cameos from other former RHONY housewives etc. if successful cast will be more I interchangeable based upon Storyline.

Reboot is not showing any signs of wealth and extravagance that the original was known for, totally different vibe. Whether it works or not, who knows.

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  1. Bethenny

    Ugh just bring back regular RHONY

  2. Lala


  3. Jess

    Let’s be real, we all come for the extravagance, glitz, and glamour! Why are they trying to fill big shoes without this??

  4. Susan Scott

    Maybe just let them be who they are , who we love and miss Enough already with doing this and doing that , just give us our girls

  5. KEG

    It’s so apparent now to me that this was a cost saving measure by bravo!

  6. Grey

    @Jess No we don’t. I have yet to see anyone on Instagram, Twitter, or a blog talking about glitz and glamour. We all watch for the drama.

  7. lmd

    Not watching if Kelly or Jill are on it!!!

  8. JK

    No big bucks for the ladies with the incentive only to stay in public to link to other things … wine tequila toaster ovens ; )

  9. Bravo obsessed

    I miss them all even Ramona!

  10. Stevie

    @jess I agree that there needs to be an element of glamour and chicness as well. I can only take the drama if I get to see some stuff I am fascinated by as well. A good show can’t survive on all drama all the time. There has to be another schtick. Even Andy himself has said Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was an influence on the show.

  11. The only viewer with eyes apparently

    Hold up… When was original RHONY full of glitz and glamour? Sonja *had* only a rundown townhouse to her name, Lu sold her weird circle house and performs tired showtunes every night to pay rent, Leah is even broker than Lu and Ramona… she is a lot of things but glamour is definitely not one of them.


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