Why it wasn’t announced…

Jul 20, 2022

Well the lady who’s been called “thirsty” really pissed off the returning housewife. Plan was to surprise her OG friend with an announcement of her return at WWHL. However when it was leaked by thirsty the OG asked them not to announce with her there. Allegedly.


  1. Not classy

    It would be just like Tamra to run it in her friends face. I don’t know why they are bringing her back. ??

    • Mama Bear

      Kelly is the one who should have been brought back. Tamara is just nobody. The producers at Bravo are sooooo out of touch and are ruining their shows. Token hires, hiring people with human traffiking, Ericka, Rinna, etc etc. Leva and Venati on Southern Charm? I mean if I were the CEO heads would be rolling.

      • Quit it

        Speaking of thirsty… Hi Kelly

      • Mexicanscantberacist

        Kelly Dodd continues to exude racism with no remorse and no change. No thanks!

  2. Over Tamras yelling

    Why is everyone saying Jill leaked it? It was all over blogs for weeks. Tamra is just as thirty as Jill

    • Seriously!?

      There’s a credibility difference between blog rumors and verbal confirmation from someone like Jill.

  3. Tamra still Tamra

    Sounds like Vicki maybe isn’t so happy for Tamra’s return? A little jealousy? It’s pretty clear they’ve both wanted back on for awhile now, so it’s kinda messed up of tamra to want to announce with her “friend” there who didn’t get it…

  4. OC

    Honestly that would have been messed up if they announced with Vicki there. We all know Vicki wants back on the show and I think it would have hurt her and been disrespectful.

    • Fancy Pants

      Considering Vickie’s history and what rumors she shares about everyone and anyone, her feelings are the last thing I’d be worried about. I know that sounds mean, but Vickie is a terrible human being.

      • Deanna

        Thank you. Finally someone agrees w me

      • K

        She really is. I’m so glad she’s not on TV anymore

      • Alias

        It’s obvious you don’t know Vicki outside of your tv screen. Yes I know her, and yes, I’m using an alias out of respect for my friend.
        Without sharing personal detail la I’ll just say look at her reconciliation with Kelly. That should speak volumes to those that feel they know her

        • Huh?

          Are you trying to imply that Vicki isn’t the worst and using a reconciliation with Kelly as an example? I mean, Kelly is just as bad – maybe worse? Good riddance ??

        • No

          Or she’s just an awful human being

        • Ooookkkk

          Birds of a feather. Kelly’s a horrible human being too ?

  5. Oranges and Apples

    Jill didn’t do anything wrong?? She’s right, it was all over Instagram- def wasn’t breaking news. I feel bad for her!

  6. Magenta Yenta

    Can we agree once and for all that EVERYONE in an ‘unscripted’ show is thirsty to varying degrees?

  7. Family van

    I saw a leaked text from Vicki to Tamara about Tamara going back to the show before all of the Jill stuff, so it seems like if she formally announced on wwhl it would’ve been very contrived and for theatrics.I also think Jill got her info from the blogs and from Vicki.

  8. Justgoawayalready

    Is it just me…these women that have been booted and very clearly all want to be asked back…have they no pride? It’s so cringeworthy!!! ?

  9. Jc

    Vicky seems so jealous. I don’t know how Tamra stays friend with someone like that. She’s so nasty.


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