Jul 10, 2022

From a source:

New East Coast housewife currently filming is about to be sued by her former publicist who helped her get on the show. Allegedly.


  1. MirE

    Danielle on NJ?

  2. Ky mama

    My guess is Danielle Cabral

  3. Henny

    Jennifer Shaw pled guilty today

  4. Lexi

    This is Danielle Cabral. She was desperate to get onto any show for years and hired a publicist to get her famous. During that time she had the publicist use her contacts to get a look at Danielle for the show. The publicist did and she ghosted the publicist and didn’t pay her the agreed upon commission. Danielle lives in Sayreville. That says enough. She doesn’t belong on this show. She’s trash.


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