Bigger & better…

Yes her shop is empty. Yes it’s for rent. But unlike reports have stated, she’s not out of business, she’s moving her boutique to a bigger location. Allegedly.


  1. little bitch boy

    Did Melissa write this blind?

    • Titsmcgee


  2. M

    Shes moving to ridgewood nj. A lot of foot traffic and $$$$. She also moved to that part of bergen county so makes sense.

    • Bitch boy h

      The store was on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair, plenty of foot traffic and $$$ there. And it’s been there for years, so prob a solid customer base by now. Plus not an insane commute from Bergen county anyway. So I doubt any of that is the reason. If anything, why not just open a second location there instead of moving the store to a whole other county?

      • Tarzan is Tiny

        Money Laundering? Just a guess, after all it IS the bankrupt grifters we’re talking about.

        • GR

          Is this Jen Aydin commenting??! 💀

  3. Lana

    Why does this account luv Melissa so much? Gorga’s are con artists. They’ve bankrupted every business ( Bada bing) and have proven scams that have been covered on national tv

    • hadley

      I agree, think this account is someone connected to her. It’s bizarre.

  4. lahscious

    I thought she posted that Ridgewood was her second location.


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