Bang brothers!

May 11, 2022

From: Bang Brothers

Subject: Bang brothers!

Spill It to Bravo and Both these well known NFL brothers like cocktail waitresses but only one of them has an open marriage.

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  1. Torrie

    Manning brothers?!

    • Ashley not Manning

      100% Manning brothers. When Peyton was in Indy he was always out picking up women. It’s well known.

  2. Who?

    Peyton & Eli? Or tiki and ronde? Idk there’s a bunch of brothers, but idk how many are “well known.” I would take out the Watts since there are 3 of them and this blind sounds like there are only two

  3. Sports Gal

    Tiki and Rodney Barber

  4. Who?

    I wish there was more info to this. The only brothers that I can think of is the Mannings and this doesn’t seem like their MO.

  5. Gossip Girl

    The Manning brothers! I’ve heard it’s a well known fact around Indy that Peyton is in an open marriage

    • Go Bears!

      I’ve heard stories about Peyton!!

  6. Lo

    Peyton and Eli?

  7. Thibo-hoauxs

    The town I’m from host the Manning Passing Academy every year and it’s well known they like to go out and leave with college girls. The university police even caught them riding golf carts through the campus with girls who definitely weren’t their wives and who may or may not have been naked.

    • Mere

      What?? The MANNING brothers Riding on a golf cart, naked, in public?? The world would know this if this were true . And naked? The hell.

  8. Tea

    Kelce brothers?

    • Me

      No, neither are married

      • BL

        Jason is

  9. Lindsay

    This is so vague. There are lots of brothers in the NFL. Watts, McCaffreys, Kelce brothers, Watkins, Mccourtney’s, etc Not to mention those who are no longer active players.

    My guess is the Kelce brothers.

    • Stephanie

      I don’t really picture Jason Kelce as an open marriage type of guy?

  10. Kelly

    I used to live in Indy when Peyton was still playing. It was well known that he believed it was an open marriage. He used to play overseas for the off season and his wife wasn’t allowed to come with. The first time I met her she was smashed telling us that she just got separated and couldn’t handle his cheating anymore. Clearly that “separation” didn’t last.

    • Jen

      Play overseas? Haha you’re not allowed to play overseas while in the NFL. This is very incorrect.

  11. The wicked wolf

    I’m shocked at these comments saying it’s the manning brothers. I used to live in Hoboken when Eli did years ago and would see him out a TON. He never seemed like he wanted to be bothered by anyone…even the swarm of good looking girls that were always around him. Maybe he was just more discreet? Idk… having a hard time believing it’s them


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