Those OC friends have juicy back stories…

May 9, 2022

Subject: Those OC friends have juicy backstories…

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J**** met A wrote a blog saying that before she “met with “top London Psychic Jayne Wallace, and supposedly Jayne told him that he would be meeting the girl of his dreams very soon the one that he was supposed to be with and her name would start with a J.
Jr had shared this story over and over on social media and her own blog (which she has now deleted the post after she was outed for LYING). The TRUTH is, Je vas an escort.
That’s how she met A” She was on Sugar Daddy websites and she started sleeping with him when he was still married. She would make excuses about why they had a long engagement but the truth was it was because they were finalizing his divorce which took a long time.
Before A**** she claims she made her money from modeling. Semi true. The kind of modeling she was doing does not provide income to have multiple nose jobs and other plastic surgery. Her main income was sleeping with men. That is why when she met A” she still lived at home in White Plains.
So Jr aves Instagram for I don’t know how long an ****ries posting I’m sorry photos on his page. Je hen issued a statement still lying about her relationship with D- and then fast forward releases another statement that She’s never met anyone who treats her as well as D and they are in a relationship And Je obviously break up and we can’t say divorce because the final lie we all discovered is that they were NEVER LEGALLY MARRIED

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  1. Wtf

    I’m so confused

  2. SusieQhatesYou

    Trying to make Noella fit but I just can’t

  3. Kermit’s tea

    This is about Jennifer Stano (she had a bikini line with lily from shahs) and was an influencer and her now ex billionaire husband/fiancé Alki David. She’s now with a woman living in FL.

    • B

      Omg I forgot about them!


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