About that child actor turned director…

May 9, 2022

At an event in Canada. I was a paid hostess at a party where he (F attended.
His assistant came in hot with a list of demands and was adamant on them.
He wouldn’t speak to any staff directly, only to her- even if you asked him a direct question.

He proceeded to take over the women’s bathroom where he did coke repeatedly. He became aggressive and rude. His “girlfriends” were local SW. He got so high he couldn’t leave and we had to all share the men’s room until he was carried out.


Yes it was in the early 2000’s. I can’t talk about the bathroom stuff. But those allegations are fitting. He was an asshole.


  1. Dw

    Fred savage

  2. Kiki5

    Omg I get who it is but it makes me so sad. Child stars. Not that it’s an excuse but he seemed like a good guy. 🙁

  3. Hallie

    So sad, I always thought he was one of the good guys so it’s really sad to find out otherwise but glad people know now.

  4. Melissa Ford

    He came to a golf tournament in Truckee/Tahoe in 2016
    My husband owns a personal training facility and sent a female trainer for stretching during golf and he made her give him neck massages and harasses her to give her phone number lol she told him he was too short for her he is a total perve


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