So much OC tea!!!!

May 7, 2022

Guys! I am bombarded with RHOC tea! I love the sound of this! Do you guys?!

From: Orange County Register
Email: [email protected]

Subject: RHOC return

Spill It to Bravoand RHOC is having some big plans for season 17. The network were happy with season 16 but they want to bring nostalgia back to the show. After a successful season over on RHOBH with a stacked cast, the OC is going to be having the same treatment. Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino and Meghan King Edmonds will all be back on the show although only one will receive an orange. The other two will be official FoH’s. Two new housewives will try out for the other available orange… the other will be also a FoH. Shannon, Heather, Jen, Noella & Emily will all be back as full time housewives with Gina being offered the same fate as Tamra Judge. She’ll be given a 3 episode wrap up storyline and then will be cast adrift from the cast. A 10 women cast is a must to interjecting new energy into this bravo institution. The network also want a Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp pop up in the series that will likely be orchestrated by Shannon, as she and Tamra try to fix their relationship.

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  1. Lab

    Here for it ‼️🤷‍♀️

  2. J

    Did a survey for Bravo/RHOC asking about this last season and who would i want to see come back. They asked about Lizzie, Alexis, Gretchen, Lydia, MKE, and even Lynne!

    • RH Fan

      You can tell A LOT about those surveys! I take them too.

    • HB

      Was it on their website or what? I’d love to do some surveys for Bravo!

      • Samantha

        I am here for some MKE investigation into Slade and his other kids.

    • SCH

      Ugh to Meghan, that would make me not watch. She’s so unlikable.

      • sipsiptea

        agree, agree, agree…..i live in STL and just hope she’ll move to the OC for good

    • Alex

      Why is bravo being so resistant to putting vickie and tamra back on?!?!? It’s mind boggling. I just don’t get it! What is the issue with these executives. It’s as if they want the opposite of what the fans want. I’m already not watching OC and Atlanta

    • OC Angel

      Dear god not Lydia AGAIN?? Have they not learned their lesson

  3. Kelly Francis

    Please please please!! Gina out and Meghan back, dreams really do come true!🤣🎉

    • No doctor or shirtless husband!

      Ugh why keep JEN and not Gina?!?

  4. Jo

    Where there’s Gretchen, you also get Slade. Hope they don’t let them make up their storylines again. I’m skeptical.

    • WYKYK

      I’m not sure I’m biting on this…also how would Gretchen maneuver in a world where her nostrils are visible.

      • Jo


  5. Trisha

    Why is Dr Jen remaining? She was boring as hell, repeated everything Heather said, and her storyline with her husband is totally fake. Also isn’t she getting sued for bad product usage on patients? Eh, get rid of her.

    • What?

      So weird that Gretchen is returning. She just did an episode with Dr. Amen where she talked about how toxic the RHOC was and how bad it was for her.

  6. Shrimps

    I’m not that excited about this…especially the mention of Teddi. Not dying to have any of the 3 mentioned OGs back, but I’ll keep an open mind. Seeing Alexis on Below Deck was kind of enough though..

    • Shady30A

      Ok I love Gina but this makes sense. Can we just remove Noella and her toxic energy? She is not well. The reunion proved that.

    • MKE fan

      Meghan should have been on this whole time. Her very short marriage to the President’s nephew would have been so cool to see. She is so awesome. I’m loving her YouTube rewatches/recaps of when she was on the show.

  7. Bravoholic843

    What storyline is Emily bringing tho? Love her but she lacks just as much of a storyline than Gina

  8. Oc nostalgia

    This is gonna get messy and I’m here for it..I wish they’d ask Vicki back tho as well..she is the queen Bee!!

  9. Maaaay

    Oh my godddddd if they brought back Lizzie, Alexis, and even Lynne I would die of happiness. Give us some vintage oc women 😩😩😩

  10. Heather lowblow dubrowhoe

    For the love…why WHY why are Jen, Noelle, Emily & Heather coming back?!?! Come on! Of all the former housewives…. Alexis? Really? No thank you. HEATHER?!?!? Will someone please share some truth bombs about her with some receipts? So many stories of her treating people like trash- she is the Ramona of California. She LOVED that this season was supposed to be her comeback— go away! PLEASE. Bring back Tamra…

  11. Ally

    Bring on Jesus Jugs!!!

  12. Bravobravofingbravo

    Yeah I call BS on a lot of this. Especially Bc MKE lives in STL full time!

  13. Hopeful

    …I’m cautiously optimistic. This is all good news.

  14. Titsmcgee

    Please keep John Mellancamps daughter OFF my screen

  15. OG Housewives Watcher

    Not thrilled with this! MKE is a train wreck. Guess that should make good television. Can’t believe Noella will be back!

  16. karllllll

    living for this YES!!

  17. MKE

    Doesn’t MKE not even live in the OC anymore? I mean I’m here for all of these but I thought she moved to some middle state?

  18. Cianna’

    Oh God why is Teddi coming back

  19. Bravobravobravo

    I’m so confused about Gina! I love her. I know she didn’t have much of a storyline his season but she brings a good energy. Do people not like her?

    • Maverick

      She was beyond immature this season.

      All these weird ghost, demon stories she is blaming on her being drunk so childish.


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