Elton John’s Oscar Party!

Apr 28, 2022


I was at Elton John’s Oscars party in March. The whole RHOBH group was there but Garcelle seemed to be avoiding her table. She was all over the tent and seems to have friends everywhere. Stunning and charismatic

Erica Jayne (on the brand) had a scowl permanently on her face.

Kathy Hilton arrived super late. I’ve encountered her several times at the tiny hairdresser downstairs at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She’s HAUTY personified – condescending AF.

It’s an intimate salon, with only 2 stylists usually, and a manicurist. She sucks the air out of the room, and she’s so short and dismissive to the staff. They visibly relax when she leaves and then start to talk and smile again.

OT Donatella looked 20% less terrifying IRL than expected and commanded a royalty aura in the celebrity-heavy crowd.

Gaga parted the place like the Red Sea when she walked in with David Furnish surrounded by a group of security. STUNNING


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  1. 🙃

    Garcelle is a treasure


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