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Apr 27, 2022


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Marge said ion WWHL she’d loved to know why Dina doesn’t speak to Dolores. It’s not Dolo’s fault, Dina cuts off anyone who maintains a friendship with her sister Caroline. Dolores is still close with Caroline and the Manzo’s. It’s the same reason Teresa couldn’t do the competition show that was recently filmed with Caroline and Dolores. Dina made her bow out.

Teresa maintains a friendship with Dolores for the show. She and Jen are her main supporters so she’d be crazy to turn on her. But I can promise you that if Dolo wasn’t on the show Teresa would cut her out too.

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  1. Kate

    I don’t blame Dina at all. She and her fiancé were beaten and almost killed by her ex husband and instead of Caroline defending her sister she took her brother in laws side. I get it’s hard bc they married brothers but that’s your sister and she was the victim.

    • Mimi

      Caroline took her BIL side?! Wow. That’s disgusting.

    • Lisa

      Does anyone know what caused Dina and Caroline’s falling out in the first place? It was long before the BIL incident

  2. Dolor stan

    WHAT?? Dolores is way too good a friend to Tre. Even asked her about fashion tips when they went shopping in Nash. That’s a good friend. Tre would be INSANE ….. she and joe have known Dolor for YEARS???? Wtf???? I kind of feel like Dolor and Jen are coming around to Melissa’s “side” like the group of women with common sense. I hope nothing bad happens to tre tbh

  3. ManzNO

    Anyone saying Dina shouldn’t cut out Caroline is crazy. Caroline’s brother in law tried to kill her and Caroline supported him. Dina deserved better than the treatment Caroline gave her.


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