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Apr 25, 2022

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From: DJ New Email: [email protected] Subject: BGC to Bravo Spill It to Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club has been on a lot of different shows after BGC ended. Even though she’s working with Zeus, she’s definitely on the Bravo Housewives eyes as a potential to spice up a franchise. More than likely RHOC This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Doll

    Please no! She’s the absolute worst.

  2. Nojustno

    Please no I hope this isn’t true at all.

  3. Whyyyyy

    Ugh she’s such trash – def one way to make RHOC even worse than it already is

  4. KB

    That’s laughable. She would never fit in with that group

    • Try Again

      Haha she is not Bravo material…

  5. Kat

    The blinds on her are disgusting- pimping out underage girls in Dubai and Nigeria…

  6. She don’t run LA

    She’ll end up fired for physical assault.
    But she would make for good tv.

  7. No Nunnsense

    HOW she’s not rich at all, and not even as “well off” as Gina from OC (arguably the poorest HW). She lives in Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento in NorCal. Not a rich city whatsoever and definitely not the nicest/richest in Sacramento area. She’s too ratchet for HWs tbh

  8. Katie B

    Ewwww no! I would literally stopped watching housewives if she joined

  9. Stephhh

    I haven’t heard her name in at least a decade!!! LOL Natalie definitely sent this tip in herself. She knows none of this is true but she is trying to get her name in people’s mouths again. Girl, go away. No one wants you back on tv.


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