Mar 14, 2022

Remember when Hilaria was accused of grifting. Here are some messages between her daughter and a “fan”.

Ireland Baldwin: Your own family provided the public and media with the information themselves. Lying and profiting off another culture for personal gain and fame then crying when you’re called out,peak white privilege. Your stepmother played brown face and was appropriately called out for her false racist depiction. It’s not my job to unpack her truths and advocate for her From what I know, there’s a lot of misinformation out there And again, I don’t even know the half of it and I’ll her come out and say her piece.

Fan: No but you are out here on social media supporting her and her version of events shaming people, that are rightfully offended at this white caricature of their culture. This entitled attitude you and your family have whilst also calling out white privilege is the definition of champagne liberal. It’s ok for YOUR family to impersonate another culture, for your own gain and then you’re all quick to attack anyone saying it’s wrong. They’re both gaslighters though and unfortunately you never really stood a chance and believe you are doing the right thing defending people doing something so terribly wrong. My family isn’t impersonating anyone My step mother is And you’re not going to be able rope me into that But there are lies about her that are circulating out there and I’ll give her a chance to explain herself



black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from


  1. Lookiecookie

    I think what Hilaria did was ridiculous. But the person DMing is wrong. She’s impersonating someone from Spain. Not a Latin American country. She isn’t doing brown face. It’s actually weird to assume anyone who speaks Spanish is brown.

    • Lookiecookie

      Everyone* who speaks Spanish ..

  2. Nic

    The person attacking her then sharing this is a complete moron. She pretended to be Spanish not Latino or South American. Spain is in Europe.

  3. Kelly O

    Whoever sent Ireland these messages is ignorant. While yes, there are people of color from Spain, most Spaniard’s consider themselves white, not “brown”. This person is just a troll


    Ireland is Kim Bassinger’s daughter, not Hilaria’s.

  5. EspañaNO

    Spain is in Europe. This person is obviously confused. Spain colonized central & South America, Mexico and many islands etc. Hence why Spanish is Spoken there. Either way Hilary/Hilaria or is a fool! But nothing Ireland can do about it.


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