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Apr 23, 2022

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Please please please let this be anon. My ex husband is close business colleagues with XXXX XXXXXX.  When we were married I went to several dinner dates and events with the XXXXXXXs. They are both incredibly entitled and rude. My ex is a hotel developer and they demanded he book them the most lux room at a resort in Mexico 2 days before they were leaving for the trip. Of course he couldn’t deliver because this hotel is a hot spot and already booked. XXXXX called me ranting about how we let them down and our business would suffer. Next time we were at an event she acted like we were best friends. I’m happy I don’t have to deal with them anymore but my ex will call me and tell me about how the XXXXXXXs are still being XXXXXs and we laugh at how her true colors are coming out. A few seasons ago when she demanded the mechanic bull operator be fired because he sped up the bull (at XXXXXXXs asking) and XXXXXXX fell off, we were shocked that wasn’t a big deal to the women. She is notorious for getting people fired or trying to. She got a woman fired from Andrea for not waiting on our table quick enough. It was a long time but that was on the other server who was training her. Me and my ex were so mad that the restaurant allowed this and embarrassed by the scene XXXXXX caused. XXXXXX did try to calm her down but when he she got mad at him he joined in on the scene. They are awful. People do not like or respect them but they do the Newport thing and kiss their asses so they aren’t excluded from events.

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  1. Ally

    The Dubrows. I believe this 100% because this is pretty much what Jeff Lewis said YEARS ago.

    • Di

      That’s exactly what I thought too.

  2. Bianca

    They have always come on as entitled and extremely pretentious. I was hoping it was for the show but I remember when everyone was accusing Alexis for being rude to the staff at Nordstrom someone who worked at Nordstrom spoke about their experience with Heather. What’s worse is how some cast kiss her ass just because of her influence. If she stays we need someone new to come in and challenge her.

  3. Not so anon lol

    I liked that this woman wanted it anon but gave so many details about her and her ex husband that if the Dubrows saw this they’d know exactly who emailed it

    • Amanda

      Hahaha was thinking the same thing

      • Jesus Jugs


      • OC Queen

        Everyone knows they suck.

  4. Fancy assholes

    I believe every word. The Dubrows seem so phony and like nightmares to be around.

    • Eat my balls

      HD is an asshole!

  5. Karen

    Any word if Terry actually cheated on Heather? I’m seeing yes

  6. Jenn

    I believe this 100% for two reasons. Heather’s mother behaved very similarly at a restaurant this season. 🍎 = 🌳 Also, I listened to Jeff Lewis tell an almost exact story several years ago. Jeff might be a lot of things, but he isn’t a liar.

  7. Crappy pants

    Remember that note Terry recently left at a restaurant complaining about how slow the food came out (or something along those lines)? Then signed MD after his name! They’re full on vom

  8. Ocgal

    It’s pretty accurate. They have a reputation.

  9. Kel

    It’s 2022. Why are people kissing their pretentious asses?! Rude people don’t get our respect until they treat others with kindness. She’s so fake it’s honestly gross

  10. Lele 415

    Why has no one told Heather to F* off yet?! Someone needs to call her out on her obnoxious behavior. Who would be friends with someone like that??

  11. To a Tea

    I can’t stand this couple. She’s a raging narcissist and a vile human being, and he’s no better. He needs to stop with the fillers, etc. He’s starting to look like a clown.

  12. LAGAY

    What about the episode this season when they all went on college tours? Heathers momma was SO RUDE & entitled to the server and staff over drinks etc. You cannot just assume when your in a restaurant everything is centered around you….it was quite gross! They are far from humble.


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