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Apr 11, 2022



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The two NJ a housewives, one former, one current that we’re recently together in LA. Well I saw someone told you that they filmed a competition show but originally it was supposed to be with another OG NJ housewife. She and the OG, who is no longer on the show, have long term beef, they did a commercial together a couple years ago that got a lot of media attention. Well the former HW’s sister asked her BFF NOT ago participate and she didn’t. That’s how a fan favorite current NJ Housewife got hired. So maybe she has loyalty to someone, her blonde friend.

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  1. Andy Cohen

    This is totally Caroline, Dina and Teresa. Then Dolores got swapped in when Teresa didnt participate.

    • Trediculous

      Yep, Tre and Caroline did a super bowl commercial a few years back I remember. This makes more sense as to why Dolores was there!

  2. WYKYK

    Caroline, Dolores, Tre, Dina

  3. That's my opinion

    Dolores and Caroline filming a competition show. Teresa declined out of loyalty to Dina

  4. Lindsay

    Caroline & Delores filmed. Teresa did the commercial previously with Caroline but looks like Dina asked Tre not to take this one and Tre agreed.

  5. MHW

    Caroline and Delores on the new show.

  6. Julie

    Teresa and Dina. Given that Caroline gave her brother in law a glowing reference when he allegedly had Dina and her husband assaulted, I can understand why Dina wouldn’t want her best friend filming with Caroline.

  7. Milania

    Teresita, Caroline, Dolores and Dina. Whatever show it is will be so much better without Teresita!!! She’s annoying AF.

  8. Blindalliance

    Dina & Teresa

  9. I’m from Dirty Jersey Too

    Caroline & Dolores-Tre & Dina Manzo

  10. London Girl

    Theresa / Dina / Caroline / Deloris

  11. Tatiana

    So it was supposed to be Tre and Carolyn and Dina asked Tre not to do it & Tre agreed? 🤔

  12. Lori

    I’d rather see Dolores over Teresa any day. Any. Day.


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