About the affair..


  1. Stacy

    The Aydins

  2. JG

    Jennifer and Bill

  3. nnm

    Bill Ayden/Jen/Marge? Tisk tisk, Bill….

  4. Boo

    Ugh bill and jen. I do feel bad for her if this is true. She seems like she is a really great mom.

  5. Karen

    Totally NJ Jennifer. I noticed they quickly glossed over when – I think Marge – said that’s why he was fired from his former job and I wanted more details lol

  6. Sahar

    So sad 🙁
    Poor Jen. Men suck so bad.

    • Yo


      • HBT

        You know the first season Jen was on, I thought Bill seemed like a stereotypical Turkish husband, unattached, disapproving, wife stays at home type guy. Then he opened up with the other husbands and I was like oh maybe he just had his guard up and he’s really just a regular dude. The more we learn about this though the more I think my first impression was right.

  7. Bmoney

    How is it jen if they said one night. She already admitted it was a year long affair

  8. Amanda

    Ugh no wonder Bill wants nothing to do with anybody anymore and why he doesn’t want to talk about it. SMH!

  9. SCH

    Couldn’t this be about Cam and Jason since that’s what the prior posts were just about? And not the Aydins’?

    • Lola

      I was thinking the same! This could be about Cam.

      • SCH

        Right?! It totally makes sense on the prior posts, but only thing that throws me off is the multiple affairs and sexual harassment, he totally does not seem the type! This coming from someone that doesn’t actually know him IRL however🤣. She also doesn’t seem the type that would stand for that either, but who knows!

  10. Natalie

    Maybe they have an understanding that he has his fun, but don’t embarrass her, and she wants him to stay and not leave her….who knows

  11. NoseyPosey

    I was thinking Lisa and Leonard Hochstein.


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