Bananas & Pasta

Apr 6, 2022


From: Bananas Pasta
Email: [email protected]

Subject: He’s a cheater!

Spill It to The geriatric millennial reality star you just posted on your insta with the pasta loving bar star? Have tea on him.

Can agree he is the worst, ran in to him in a bar in Fullerton and he tried to take my friend home when he was dating his ex. You know the well known reality star?

He was also rude because my friend didn’t know who he was “you don’t know who I am?!” Dork.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. JBallz

    He’s friends with my brother-in-law. Can confirm they both suck.

    • ???

      Who is it?

      • Rchella

        Johnny Bananas and James Kennedy

  2. KC24

    Banana 🍌 🤡

  3. Bwilk

    Yep. Cheated on Morgan Willet repeatedly. I follow her on insta and she’s been a class act about it but he sounds TERRIBLE.

    • Jen

      With all due respect, what did she really think she was getting with him? He oozes douche and I wouldn’t buy her never seeing a full season of The Challenge.

      • bwilkkk

        It’s totally believable to me that she hadn’t seen the show. She doesn’t watch much TV (which I believe cause she is ALWAYS busy) but is also Gen Z. The Challenge has caught on with some in that demo, but it’s definitely a millennial thing. She’s much younger than Johnny and I think was just naive.

  4. Brava

    Who the heck is he??

    • Rotten bananas

      Washed up mtv reality star. Was on real world and all those challenges. Got the nickname Johnny banana for wearing banana hammock underwear thong.

  5. Anon

    Can also confirm he sucks, he was always hitting up my friend trying to meet up while dating his ex.

  6. bravobravofckingbravo

    Johnny Bananas

  7. Kim Lo

    Who the fuck dates Johnny Bananas?!?

  8. SouthernBlonde

    I can’t believe he is still around! I remember watching him on MTV in high school and that was over 15 years ago 😂

  9. E

    Johnny bananas is so obnoxious 🙄

  10. Veronicar

    Johnny Bananas is on the same level of douche as Jax Taylor.

    • BananaBlaster

      I think he is a WAY bigger D-bag than Jax… aint that saying somethin….


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