Speaking of Raya…

Apr 5, 2022

From: NYC Liar
Email: liar@rhony.com

Subject: Speaking about Raya…

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com: Speaking of Raya… remember when L from RHONY said she matched with Che from SNL on Raya and he was a dick? Che said he has no clue who she is and when he saw a pic said who is that?! Lol

A lot of my friends in NYC have nothing good to say about her which sucks because I thought she was a cool chick.

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  1. Pelo Fan

    Leah had 1 good season. Which was her first.

  2. C

    I mean she was bashing the me too movement (Google Leah Sweeney me too – you’ll find her articles), I think that alone says enough about her character. She sucks, I never understood her appeal.

  3. Leahsux

    Leah. Google it. It’s sooo cringe ?

  4. Titsmcgee

    He really wasn’t a dick. She was being weird af. Those texts are cringe

    • Nan

      Che was innocent ! And when L started to spin a story he released HER texts. Bc she was passed he didn’t want to hook up/meet etc. creepy/almost racist/entitled.

  5. Lana

    Leahs own parents cannot deal with her. She’s the worst decision Bravo ever made.
    I feel bad for her book publisher, they’re gonna lose so much money, ain’t no one buying her book.?

  6. Jeanine Curtis

    Leah was the reason I quit watching RHONY– about half way through her first season.
    And I was watching since Season 1.


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