Apr 5, 2022

Subject: Shahs

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My old coworker dated mi*** sh***** for over 3 years before she *****and during, she’s on season 1 actually. He constantly cheated on her and has given her multiple black eyes. She’s kind of a firecracker herself so I think the hitting was on both parts, but I was just waiting for the day that it came out he was a woman beater. She says he was a sex addict but I know they hooked up when he was married to Jessica

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  1. Shrimps

    So his cast mates must know?

    • Obviously

      Girl what? Of course they know! Reza has tried to help this man on and off screen countless times?? Its very obvious the all know. Have you ever watched an episode? Have you seen gg react to him?? And his new wife?? Everyone knows. Even destiny!!! And shes like a saint

  2. Ocgal

    They have to let him go. Shame on his friends if they knew about his physical abuse and said nothing. Bravo needs to stop rewarding people who are violent or criminals. Men or women. It doesn’t matter


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