Country baby mama…

Apr 2, 2022

Subject: N**** ****  baby mama
Spill It to That’s all she’s ever known as but *** sn*** (jo* ******t) hangs around the worst losers of nashville. She hangs out with BT and one night he posted a pic of a REAL gun to her head with his finger on the trigger. She said she’s cutting contact with him yet she still follows him and now says they “made up” 

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. I love the juicy scoop!

    Interesting! But who is BT?

  2. Nope

    Brandon Taylor. His dad owns bars on Broadway in Nash. This happened a couple weeks ago. It’s all over a couple reddit groups.

  3. Yikes

    He also put up a story of KT and was like “I’m going to be Morgan wallens baby’s step daddy” or something gross like that. How embarrassing to hang out with people like that


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