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Mar 30, 2022

From: DJ Crazy
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Pissed!

Spill It to is so pissed. The timing of R’s new boyfriend is suspect. He thinks they were together before she broke up with him. Also she’s hanging with all his friends. He thinks that she completely used him at the end to get on television and now is taking all his friends. Her new guy is also providing her with plenty of opportunities. He’s back to his hard partying ways and wants revenge in the worst way.

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  1. On James side

    I mean I have to agree with James. Raquel is hanging out with all of his friends and probably did just use him to get on tv. I’d be mad too

    • Tricky

      Right. Remember he had to ask Lisa a bunchhhhhhh of times for Raquel to even start working there? She has this life because of him. And friends are always tricky in a breakup, but in this case they were really his friends. So it’s weird on their part too!! They just wanna be nice bc Raquel still works there and if there is a next season I’m presuming she’ll be on it. Unless Lisa takes James’ side and convinces producers to not film Raquel at work

    • James is a child

      Grow up. Raquel’s been around THEIR friends for 5 yrs. I’d say they are now her friends too. Who cares if she used him to get on tv? James was a bus boy with no tv time that no one knew until he got with Kristen. And he hung out with all of her friends after their breakup. They only dated for a few months, not years.

      • Bravo_Mom

        I’m sorry but does nobody remember how James treated Raquel! Not to mention how he treated his “friends.” I wouldn’t want to be around him either.
        Didn’t he have a new girlfriend shortly after breaking up? Bleh. Get over it & yourself DJ snowball.

        • PastaHater


    • Al

      James sucks. It’s sad you’re defending such a loser! Let the girl live.

      Remember… he used Doute to get on the show. What goes around comes around.


      Yeah but he admitted to using Kristen to get on the show so he can’t be mad.

  2. Meg

    So James can date someone but Raquell can’t?! Guess he will never grow up

    • Caption obvious

      Did you even read the blind? Lmfao it says hes mad bc he thinks they were dating before they were over and shes hanging w all his friends. He didnt start dating someone new before they were over nor is he hanging w raquels friends

      • Yikes

        Yikes. Even if she did start dating someone before they broke up. James treated her horribly. Pretty sure all his friends became her friends, which happens in long term relationships. Maybe they like her more than him? Or maybe it’s possible friends do t have to choose.

    • Mikko

      Seriously. Isn’t he gay anyway? What should he care?

  3. Vanderlame

    Just like what he did to Kristin

    • Me


  4. nm

    So he can have a new girlfriend but she can’t date anyone? OkAy.
    Also, shouldn’t he be more concerned about his new girl? Isn’t the word she’s literally using him for “fame”?
    Over DJ James ::eye roll::

  5. Dastardly Jackass

    Lol James…she’s not “taking all your friends.” No one really likes you because you’re an ass. If it makes you feel better though…

  6. Smh

    He needs to be single and SOBER. Not California sober. And go to an inpatient rehab for 60+ days to really heal and get better and leave all this BS behind. He can be a banging DJ and be sober and actually get bigger gigs if he leaves all this BS behind. Make friends in the industry and just get rich and mind ur own business. But i guess he’s already rich idk just saying

  7. Me

    Is her new man Peter or Nema?

  8. Jeanine Curtis

    And this is exactly why I’m glad she broke up with him.
    This kid is toxic, and he doesn’t seem able to grow TF up.
    Raquel deserves better.

  9. deflated pumps

    James was not an OG cast member and plowed through half the cast to desperately grab tight of a story line. For him to try and shame Raquel for moving on with her life with people she actually works with and has known for years is natural compared to James finding an influencer to act as a hyper sexualized fool travel buddy is yet another way he tries to manipulate his and Raquel’s relationship narrative, have his cake and eat it too, and continue to control Raquel in the process. AND they didn’t have sex for over 2 years. So easy to move on from that, honestly!!

  10. Go Find More Pasta

    He really is the white Kanye. You move on with a new girl and you’re still mad that she moved on too. Complete BS. Let’s also not forget that even IF Raquel stuck around for fame, James was truly awful so she served her time and earned that fame IMO. He was verbally abusive on camera and has zero right to an opinion.

  11. Don’t Activate Me

    He’s an actual narcissist. Forget that he’s already in a full blown relationship flaunting it everywhere. Raquel waits months to supposedly be dating yet suddenly she was seeing this so called person while they were together. K. It’s obvious to anyone that she tried for years to help fix him and believed in him. She was dragging him along and putting herself 2nd to him. Her karma is deserving of freaking Jason momoa with all the TV shows, money and fame!


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