Pretty little liar…

Mar 10, 2022

Word on the street from her former assistant is that this ex housewife and mama to models made the whole thing up about her daughter’s baby daddy. She didn’t like him. 

black background with the word allegedly written in cursive

allegedly from


  1. Candyass

    Oh Yolanda…

  2. Emily

    Munchausens much!!??!

  3. Kat

    It’s clearly Yolanda but are we shocked though? This is the woman who told her movers to learn English to live here, said her daughters eyes looked too Chinese in a photo shoot, told her daughter to eat one almond and chew it really good if she was hungry, told Gigi she’d be masculine if she played volleyball, and thought her daughter was a lesbian bc she wore baggy shorts…she clearly is a crappy person.

    • Hope

      100% yes

    • Tess

      Well damn! 🎯🎯🎯

  4. Jmc

    We sure this isn’t Eva?

    • Yamotha

      That’s who I thought of as well!

    • Drizzu

      Eva doesn’t have kids that are top models. Plus there was a story out last year about Zayn Malik allegedly assaulted Yolonda.

    • robin

      Yes. It says “Mama to top models”. Eva’s kids are young. It’s 100% Yolander.

  5. Tess

    I have no doubt this is about Yolanda. A verbal argument clearly happened between her and Zayn (both sides said so). But I always side-eyed her explanation of it. He’s known for being very soft and it seemed very out of character for him. I think she exaggerated the situation and used it to spin him in a bad light. She never liked him. Neither did Mohamed. Good for Zayn for protecting his daughter. The Hadids are using her as some sort of item that they can hawk for attention and money. It’s pathetic.

  6. Me

    This is so f-ed up if it’s true. It ruined Zayn’s reputation and didn’t few companies drop him bc of it?


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