Caught a break?

Mar 8, 2022


  1. Marisa

    This is obviously Josh Flagg and Bobby. I really like Bobby and Josh. I doubt Bobby was an escort! Although they have never really said exactly what Bobby does.

    • Anon

      I mean him being an escort isn’t Unbelievable also Josh dumped his bf of like 5 years for him and married fast

    • JK

      He’s a realtor it seems their show sees him with showing listings.

    • Alina

      Bobby is a commercial real estate agent, it’s been said several times on the show.

    • Kate

      Bobby admitted to kissing Frederick Elkins in the past I always wondered how they met

  2. Where are the receipts

    I need proof if we’re over here calling Bobby an escort. Not gonna believe this one without receipts

  3. Courtney

    Is the “he” a typo? Because I think this could be about noella if it’s really a “she”.

    • a

      I thought this might be about her too I even read it as she lol

  4. JK

    He was a model definitely you can find the work online. I’m sure he became a realtor and his listing are gifts from Josh Flagg. He will mane a lot of money in the divorce probably more than a few commissions. I wouldn’t mess with Flagg his roots and connections in LA are deep and he is mega wealthy.


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