Ultimate betrayal..:

It’s a true betrayal. This recently split couple were both friends with his new boyfriend. You can see on insta the soon to be ex husband of the Bravo star liked most photos of the new beau up until 5 months ago. He was blindsided. There were issues, sure , but to be be left for a younger, mutual friend wasn’t something he thought was on the menu. Allegedly.


  1. Name

    He should’ve seen the Flaggs!!! Breaks my heart for Bobby!

  2. Ann

    Poor Bobby. Josh Flagg didn’t deserve him, that’s for sure.

  3. Bk

    Aww, Josh and Bobby. I mean, Josh does seem a little heartless. Still love him but wouldn’t want to date him!!

  4. Nic

    Josh and Bobby

  5. JK

    When you’re raised rich *like really rich* and an only child….Well….that’s predictable somewhat.
    Then bought off for silence ugh.

  6. Anon

    Not surprising. My best friend was friends with a guy who was screwing Flagg while he was dating Colton. They did a lot of coke together hanging out at bars around weho


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