Bad doc….

Mar 2, 2022


  1. Kat

    Lisa’s husband on RHOM

  2. Bravolvr

    Dubrow? I mean look at his yelp reviews

    • Can People Read

      Does anyone on here actually read the full post??? The email is @miami…. Neither Bill or Terry work in Miami. Obviously Lenny.

      • It’s been a day


        I always say the same thing!!! Most of the clues are either in the caption or email, if it isn’t already apparent in the blind.

  3. Not A Chance

    Bill Aydin?

    • Sladjana

      He was my plastic surgeon as well. Did an amazing job with my lipo but with my breast lift and reduction not so much. I found him to be nice, very professional and stiff. But he’s a mass volume doctor, waiting room always has like 10+ people.

  4. MHW

    The email address says miami

  5. Bravo

    Bravo docket has a great episode about him

    • KJC

      I had a few things done by LH 13 years ago. Horrible experience. Breast implants are too big and I’ve never been the same since. Bruised from nipple all the way down to my belly button for months. To this day I still have pain. He just said your a bruiser. Nose job not the greatest. I would never recommend and never go back.

  6. Qil

    No surprise. He’s done Lisa’s work and she does not look human

    • Sam

      Thank you! I can barely look at her.

    • JLAC

      Right! She looks like that crazy lady from Switzerland who did all the surgeries to look like an actual cat.

  7. Chalene Johnson

    Check out chalene Johnson on IG – she’s exposing one in Laguna Beach right now and doing stories on the rampart nature of the business. It’s horrifying.

  8. Bad doc

    This is 100% Lenny from RHOM. Page six just put out an article saying he was sued again so this blind is very timely. It’s definitely him. And he is an a*shole.

  9. Horrible

    It’s either Dubrow or that asshole Dr. Laguna that Dubrow protects with his life. Check out Chakene Johnson’s narrative on them.


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