The CEO?

Feb 11, 2022

Text from image: 

This houswife and her husband are cheating on each other. He leaves the country and cheats. She cheats while he is gone! She’s been seen with one of the ceos of this company that all the housewives use! Maybe it’s her turn to stop worrying abt lawsuits and bankruptcies, and enjoy her money and the new rich guys money 😉


  1. Guest

    Must be Dorit and pk…

  2. nm

    Rinna and Harry Hamlin?

  3. Housewifeaholic

    I feel so naive! I thought Dorit and PK had a legit relationship but these recent blinds def seem to be referring to them.

    • Boy George

      But like who the fuckety fuck wants to sleep with PK???????


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